8 Reasons Why A Commercial Roofing Expert Is Better Than Using A Repair Contractor

Nobody likes to think about it, but if you own or run a commercial property, sooner or later, you will have a roof leak. If you no longer have a relationship with a roofing contractor you trust and value, you may be tempted to contact the first roofing repair contractor that comes up on your Google search.

But when it comes to real value, using an expert on commercial roofing with a dedicated service department is better than using a repair contractor. Here is why:

1.    Commercial roofing expert understands all things about the roof, including being responsible.

Whatever your roofing problem is, there’s a proven system to solve it. The established roofing contractors have repair and installation departments that use proven and refined methodologies to solve your roof problems. These departments share their knowledge so that all knowledge is more extensive than repairing-only roofers. They have systems to send, repair, track, report, and maintain accurate records and discuss projects in meetings — what worked? What didn’t? How can we do better than that? People who hire fully-serviced commercial roofers expect a high level of service, accountability, and quality of workmanship — and they are more likely to get it.

It is important to bear in mind that there is a difference between a commercial roofing expert and a commercial roof installer. An expert manages everything about commercial roofs, from repairs to re-roofing to maintenance to new construction. The installers, on the other hand, install roofs. And to get the project, they can send installers to do roof repairs even if they are not trained to repair leaks.

2.    A commercial roofing expert knows what repair techniques work best in the long term

With the installation and repair teams attending the same company meetings, this is a real advantage for leak-repair customers. Installation teams should follow specific procedures and jump through many hoops related to workmanship and materials so that the new roofing systems work at their best and pass inspections, and get warranty coverage.

As if a repair project is a warranty job, on the other hand, it is unlikely that there will be an inspection.

Repair-only contractors are not used to having to meet third-party standards or to think at that detail level. There is much to say for proven processes and best practices — they work! Which means that the buildings stay dry inside.

3.    An expert in commercial roofing knows your type of roof, no matter what type it is

Expert roofing contractors who have been in business for a couple of decades can most likely deal with any type of roof problem on any kind of roofing system — the diversity of work experience is worth it. Superintendents and crews are experienced with steep-slope single-ply, low-slope, metal, and sometimes slate and tile. And they have worked with all the different roofing materials, from EPDM and TPO to asphalt. Your roofing system won’t stump them.

4. Commercial roofing contractors have the right technicians on hand — no roofing problem is unsolvable

The leak on your roof won’t stump a full-service provider either. A roofing expert sends the best technician for the job and, if necessary, can escalate difficult problems to higher-level skilled professionals who like a good challenge. Even if the roof leak is particularly unusual or complex, a superintendent responsible for diagnosing hundreds of roof leaks will figure it out. These experts often have additional training and certification, and their in-depth knowledge makes for more reliable work and, for the first time getting it right.

5. Roofing experts know how the different roof systems work together

Many commercial roofing systems consist of more than one kind of roof. You could have one of these, and you don’t even know it. The older or expanded properties likely have two or more types of roofs that are combined. It may be challenging to determine where a leak is coming from or what type of repair would be best in such situations.

Anthracite Roofing Systems LLC is a full-service roofing repair contractor that will examine the entire roof and consider all the details of each roof system and how they work together. Another detail they’ll be thinking about? Unforeseen consequences of repairing a leak on one system on the performance of an adjacent system. It is always best to know what to expect on the road before committing to a repair approach.

6.    A full-service commercial roofing provider can make valuable recommendations

When you continue to use the same roofing expert, over time, this commercial roofing provider will develop an ever greater understanding of your unique roof system and the property it protects. This means that, over time, the recommendations they provide become more valuable because they are more insightful. Some providers also provide the added value of written documentation for long-term planning of roof management, which is important for annual budgeting.

7. Experts in commercial roofing repairs faster

Once you have developed a relationship with a full-service provider and the provider has experience with your unique roof system, they can find and repair the next leak faster. Hopefully, there will be no next leak, but the provider will use the report and photos of previous repairs to managing future maintenance. And to commend and complete pre-emptive maintenance, also.

8.    Commercial roof experts want to earn your trust in the long term

The roof repair contractors who also provide re-roofing services want to establish a relationship with you. They want to show themselves by correctly fixing your leaks so that you will choose them when it’s time to complete more extensive projects. Doing the job well the first time and giving solid advice creates a stable relationship and reputation. Roof repair contractors often look at repairs at one time and send a different technician every time you have a leak. Your commercial roof is an asset and an investment. When you choose a commercial roofing expert who has decades of experience, dozens of technicians, is fully accountable, and hopes that the quality of their initial repair will make you completely satisfied with their services, you’ve found a reliable commercial roofing expert.

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