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Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer or EPDM is a highly durable rubber material used in various applications. In roof systems, these are commonly used in flat roofs. They are suitable for carports and patio roofs as well. EPDM comes in black or white. These are easy to install and repair membranes, which are just some of the reasons they are popular roofing solutions for infrastructure.

Commercial Roof Installation

EPDM can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and proper installation by professionals. It is easy to install because they come in big rolls. EPDM rolls are simply expanded and mechanically attached or ballasted to the roofing system. Liquid adhesives or tapes are implemented as sealants.


Compared to TPO roof systems, the installation and repair of EPDM are less expensive. EPDM rolls come in more considerable lengths and widths which means fewer seams where water can seep in. Leaks rarely occur in EPDM-enforced roofs, especially for ballasted installations. This roofing material is lightweight as well at half a pound per square foot for 60 miles.

EPDM provides excellent insulation for infrastructures. It is adaptable and an easy choice for temperature control. It can keep buildings warm through heat absorption, which works best for cold climates. EPDM also has good reflectivity against the sun, which makes it suitable for warm temperatures as well.

AFR layer can be added to EPDM to add fire-retardant properties. It protects from UV rays. Compared to asphalt shingles and other materials, EPDM is wind resistant such that it cannot be blown off in pieces as it is installed as one big roll. Because it is rubber, EPDM roofs are almost 100% recyclable.


EPDM roofs are glued, which means they have to be maintained. Any seams must be adjusted if they start to separate. Shrinking is a common issue with rubber. This causes the material to split from the substrate.

EPDM doesn’t come with much variety in aesthetics despite its many desirable properties. It can also be punctured easily, which requires it to be inspected at least annually. Thicker membranes should be considered to make the roofless prone to puncture. It is weak against petroleum-based products, which makes it not suitable for some businesses.

Improper installation can set up for major leaking issues in the future. Water can run through junctions, for example, if the rubber is installed on a wall if installed incorrectly. Corners around drains and pipes should be carefully installed by professionals to prevent this from happening.

EPDM is versatile membranes that are proven to provide superb resistance to weather conditions and excellent infrastructure insulation. Its cost-effectiveness and reliability are attractive to most homeowners and business owners.

Do you think an EPDM roof system is best for you? Consult your local roofing professional now to get the best recommendation for roofing systems. Roofing professionals will guide you through the best protection of your roofs and get you the best installation to prolong the service life and get the most bang out of your buck.

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