Metal Roofing

Looking For A Metal Roofing Contractor Near Scranton, PA?

Metal Roofing Experts

Anthracite Roofing & Siding proudly offers durable, premium quality metal roofing services to commercial, residential, and agricultural property owners at a highly competitive price.

When it comes to making a smart property investment, there simply is no comparison to metal roofing. A comprehensive metal roofing installation from Anthracite Roofing & Siding provides an uncompromising, long-lasting finish that is guaranteed for 45 years. Our team is well-versed in the construction and maintenance of many metal materials, including agricultural panels, corrugated panels, standing seam panels, metal shingles, copper roofing panels, aluminum panels, and more – with many different gauges offered to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We give a 20 year installation warranty on metal roofs.


Metal Roofing is Better for the Environment

It may be a surprise – but metal roofing is better for the environment, too! Metal roofs last an average of twice as long as some asphalt roofs, and unlike metal roofing panels which can be reclaimed and repurposed for other uses, asphalt shingles always end up in a landfill. That’s a lot of extra waste being created every time an asphalt shingle roof needs to be renovated or replaced!

Common Myths and Misconceptions

While there is a lot of talk about metal roofing, not all of it is true. More specifically, inexperienced roofing contractors who don’t have the knowledge or capability to install metal roofing often try to steer their customers away from using metal materials by spreading the following myths:

  • MYTH: Metal roofing is noisy
  • MYTH: Metal roofing attracts lightning
  • MYTH: Metal roofing is extremely heavy
  • MYTH: Metal roofing dents easily during hailstorms
  • MYTH: Metal roofing heats up the interior temperature
  • MYTH: Metal roofing rusts out easily
  • MYTH: You can’t walk on metal roofing after installation