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We have been serving commercial and residential roofing customers across Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Lehigh Valley, and north-eastern PA for over 60 years, and our clients have never been more satisfied with our services. We have a solid reputation, and our performance is consistent. No matter what your commercial or residential roofing project may need – EPDM Membrane install, TPO & PVC roofing, roof coatings, metal roofing, and modified bitumen, we will get the job done on budget and on time.

Anthracite Roofing Systems LLC is a trusted choice when it comes to installing quality commercial and residential roofs across Wilkes-Barre, Clarks Summit, Tunkhannock, Factoryville, and North-eastern PA. We have an impeccable reputation in the roofing industry, with excellent online reviews.

We also work to a stringent health and safety policy, providing all customers with method statements and risk assessments. This gives you the assurance you need when hiring our roofing company to handle your project.

From residential to commercial buildings, our team is consistent regarding the first-rate quality we provide to our customers. The solid reputation we boast is incomparable. Indeed, we are topping our field with services ranging from EPDM Membrane install, roof coatings, metal roofs, TPO & PVC roofing, and modified bitumen.

If you need a company to work on your roofing project, then look no further. We are here to assist you. We can get the job done within an affordable budget, and we aim to help you save money.

The Essential Advantages Of Hiring Professional Roofing Company

You may wonder, is there a need to hire professional roofing experts? The answer is always yes, especially if you do not want to compromise your safety. Any work that involves your roof is not suitable for someone without prior experience. The tendency of accidents such as falling off is always a risk.

More so, the expertise we offer when it comes to budgeting and choosing the right materials that are compatible with your house or commercial building is a must-have.

The roof serves as protection for you and your family, and it is our job to ensure it stays that way. And the fact that our company also offers a quality job is a significant advantage to you.

If you choose to complete your own roofing project, please keep this in mind.

When working alone and buying materials on your own, the possibility of spending too much without the proper guidance is almost a sure thing. We ensure that when we complete your project, that there is no unnecessary expense. You also get manufacturer backed warranties when you choose to hire a professional roofing contractor. We got you and your home covered with the proper roof installation and warranties.

What We Can Offer And How To Reach Us

As mentioned above, we offer a wide range of roofing services. Choosing Anthracite Roofing Systems LLC will be on your side through the whole process. And here in the state of Pennsylvania we cover wide area to serve you better. Our main branch is in Edwardsville and have another location in Factoryville for you. Please feel free call us anytime you need the best roofing contractor

Our Services & Offers

EPDM Membrane Edwardsville

An extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane to consider

TPO Edwardsville

Anthracite Roofing Systems works with Mule Hide® and can install any TPO option that fits the project needs!

Modified Bitumen Edwardsville

Mule-Hide® Modified Bitumen roofing systems install quick and clean to a wide range of substrates. Choose the system to achieve high-quality performance.

ROOF COATINGS Edwardsville

Choose your roof coating services with various Mule-Hide roof coating systems from Silicone coatings, Acrylic coatings and more!

PVC Edwardsville

A single-ply roofing membrane used on commercial or industrial roofs. It is a perfect choice for creating a durable, waterproof coating for flat and low-slope roofs

Metal Roofing Solutions Edwardsville

Metal roofing solutions are highly durable, beautiful and functional so you can feel confident in knowing that your investment will protect your residential or commercial building for many years to come.

Commercial Edwardsville

Anthracite Roofing Systems is a proud certified installer of Mule-Hide®
products from EPDM Membrane, TPO, PVC, and more!

Residential Edwardsville

Here at Anthracite Roofing Systems, we offer a wide range of roofing services for both commercial and residential customers. As we have over 60 years of experience in the industry and a full range of our own equipment, including access equipment, you can rest assured that no job is too big or small.

“My experiences with Anthracite Roofing Systems are such that I now consider them to be my “go to” company in this field. I have had roofs replaced and leaks fixed and have been extremely happy with all the work done for me. Prices have been reasonable. John (the owner) knows his business, has always taken the time to explain everything that needs to be done, and he will happily answer the multiple questions I have. I would recommend Anthracite Roofing Systems!” -Piolo P.

“John and his team at Anthracite Roofing Systems are professional, efficient and friendly. They work to produce a high quality finished product and customer satisfaction. They are experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Highly recommend Anthracite Roofing Systems!” -Christine R.

“Affordable, reliable and top-quality roof repair or replacement. We have used Anthracite Roofing Systems on several occasions and we are satisfied with the results every time, I highly recommend them for residential or commercial roofing needs!” – Ellen A.

We are proud to serve home and business owners across Wilkes-Barre and Edwardsville, PA. We understand the importance of needing a roofing contractor that you can rely on to show up and do the work in a timely manner. At Anthracite Roofing Systems LLC we will work with you to ensure you are taken care of by responding quickly to your needs.

Our team of roofing professionals will perform quality roof services and want the opportunity to show you the finest experience can be by choosing our Anthracite Roofing Systems LLC.

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