5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Scranton Roofing Contractor

Before you hire a roofing contractor, be sure to check the license of that individual. This is proof of the contractor’s qualifications, and working without a license is against the law. Not only is this illegal, but it can also cost you more money in the future. You can also check the customer testimonials of an exceptional roofing company on their website. 

Most companies have their own sections dedicated to customer testimonials.

Another way to spot a shady roofing contractor is the price. If the contractor charges only $15 per hour, you’re probably not getting the quality service you need. Also, they might not be licensed if they don’t have a license number on their vehicles or ads. This can affect your insurance if you’re covered by your insurance.

Don’t hire someone who doesn’t have a long-term track record.

Hiring a professional is a good idea, but asking questions over the phone is also essential. While most people don’t have the time or knowledge to learn about roofing, professional roofing contractors spend countless hours perfecting their craft. They also know the exact amount of materials needed for a given roof and are licensed to do it.

Don’t hire someone who doesn’t have the experience.

One big problem with the Lehigh valley area roofing companies is that they don’t give written estimates. When you call a roofing company, chances are you are talking to an intermediary without experience installing roofs. They want to take over the insurance claim process, and you don’t want that to happen. This is why you should demand written estimates from all companies you’re considering hiring.

There are some advantages to hiring a company with years of experience, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the price. While a new company can be a good choice, they may not have enough experience to provide you with a warranty for their work. It’s also possible that they’re just starting out, which means they don’t have enough reviews on the Internet to back up their work.

Don’t hire someone who doesn’t provide references.

If you’re looking for an experienced roofing contractor, look for someone with a physical office. Ask the contractor for references and visit their previous work. Ask to see these references, and if possible, visit the job site to see the completed work. Reputable roofers will be happy to show you their previous work. Look for recent positive reviews and customer service. Check the roofing contractor’s website and social media accounts to see how past clients feel about their service.

Communication is critical in successful projects, so you’ll want to look elsewhere if a prospective roofing contractor isn’t communicative. When interviewing prospective contractors, look for missed calls, poor response time, and defensiveness when asking for references. A lack of a paper trail can also be a red flag. Don’t let these traits fool you into thinking that your project will be completed on time.

Don’t hire someone who can’t provide an estimate for free.

Before you make a decision, ask for an estimate. If someone is unwilling to give you a written estimate, it may be because they do not know the cost of the entire roofing project. 

An estimate should detail the price of the old roof tear off, the new roof, and the cost of any rotten plywood that needs to be replaced. This will help you avoid any costly surprises later.

Ask for written estimates. This document will outline the project’s cost, materials, and start date. A written estimate should include a guarantee of their work. When hiring an experienced roofing contractor, request a quote that is not based on verbal estimates. If the roofing contractor can’t provide a written estimate, move on to another company. Don’t hire anyone hesitant to provide one.

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