Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Anthracite Roofing Systems is a proud certified Mule-Hide® EPDM Roofing System installer. EPDM can be a fully-adhered or ballasted roofing system that uses acrylic water-based bonding system for quick installation. EPDM roofing membrane provides a durable synthetic rubber membrane that offers long-term protection for your roof.

This Roofing Membrane has been the number 1 choice for contractors, roof consultants, and even architects, whether for new roofing construction and replacement. What’s good about it is that it has high resistance to different environmental factors like strong winds, hail, and high or low temperatures, so you can expect an average service life span of about 30-40 years with proper maintenance.

There are two types of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)—the black EPDM that’s been commonly used in places with cooler climates, and the white EPDM which has a light-colored membrane to help reduce building temperature—their application would depend on your topographical location and preference.


There are three ways by which we install your EPDM roof:


1. Adhered

This known to be the most time-intensive because the process of installation is quite tedious so you can expect an expensive installation cost compared to other installation processes that are faster, but you can ensure that it has the highest quality.


2. Attached Mechanically

This is the common EPDM installation because the roof is installed through the use of fasteners, screws, and latches. It doesn’t require time for it to be installed, plus it also leads to a durable and high-quality finish.


3. Ballasted

This way of installation is commonly used for commercial establishments such as warehouses and retail stores wherein the roof membrane isn’t adhered or anchored into any decking material, but it’s held in place by river-washed stones or gravel. This kind of installation process keeps the roofing system cool during warm temperatures to help lower down energy costs, and

a roof of a building with trees and a car
a roof of a house with trees and grass
a roof of a building with trees in the background
a roof of a house with trees and grass
Reinforced EPDM Membrane

This membrane is used in mechanically-attached, fully adhered, and Ballasted-roofing systems in new construction, reroofing and recover (retrofit) applications. For EPDM membrane roofing installation, it can be used as flexible membrane flashings for walls, curbs, etc. Reinforced EPDM membrane features a dual-ply construction that makes it 60% greater resistant to cuts, tears, and scuffs. It has an overlapped edge portions—the existing membrane and the new reinforced EPDM membrane—that are sealed together through an intervening adhesive layer. This is a perfect choice if you’re on a budget because it’s significantly less expensive per square foot compared to other EPDM methods.

Standard EPDM Membrane

For new construction, it can be utilized as an elastomeric single-ply roofing membrane for new construction and re-roofing applications. May be installed in Ballasted and Fully Adhered roofing systems. This EPDM membrane is a vulcanized ethylene propylene diene monomer made from synthetic rubber. One of its outstanding features is that it has excellent weather, ultra-violet, and ozone resistance characteristics. It’s not only a roofing material but also a waterproofing material.

White on Black EPDM Membrane

It’s mainly used in fully-adhered roofing systems on new construction, re-roofing, and recovery that’s non-reinforced and fire-rated. This roofing membrane that’s rubber material is known to have superior flexibility and high strength that can easily contour unusual roof shapes. Since this membrane is flexible, it can also be used as flashing for curbs and walls.

White-on-black EPDM membrane has high-energy efficiency that’s commonly used for mobile home roofs, houseboat roofs, low-pitched house roofs, and residential flats. However, this EPDM membrane is not designed for heavy foot traffic, and that it should be installed on a suitable substrate or acceptable roof insulation.


Anthracite Roofing Systems works with Mule-Hide® to provide you with the best low-slope roofing products.

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