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The Modified Bitumen is a 1960’s rendition of the old built-up roofing system. It is described as flat roofing that is in a single-ply system made from reinforced fiberglass or polyester, asphalt bitumen, and modified polymers. A way to make the roof an efficient and effective shield against changing weather conditions is that it is assembled in layers of unique permutation.

This roofing system is suitable for establishments with low-slope or flat roof structures. What makes it a trusted flat roofing system is that it has five layers of protection consisting of rubber polymers, asphalt, and plastic. With its superior UV resistance and flexibility, it lasts for up to 20 years, but it would still depend on different factors such as the structure’s architectural design, home location, and maintenance.

The Modified Bitumen has two coats: the cap sheet and the base sheet. The cap sheet is torched down, self-adhered, or cold adhered to, while the base sheet is self-adhered to the roofing substrate. What makes Modified Bitumen Roofing stand out is that it’s tear-resistant, water-proof, energy-efficient, flexible, and it’s easy to repair and maintain. It’s compatible with petroleum, so it can be installed in a tar roof.

5 Layer System of Modified Bitumen

The Modified Bitumen Roofing System is a five-layer combination of roofing components which are the:



It’s the one responsible for the temperature stability and thermal resistance of the roof system.



This layer provides weathering resistance and UV protection.


Modified Bitumen Membranes

These are factory-fabricated sheet membrane that’s made with co-polymer reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.



This is a waterproofing material that utilizes a boding agent, whether in a hot or cold adhesive.


Modified Base Sheets or Plies

Mod Bit Base Sheet

Mule-Hide’s G2 Base is a fiberglass mat coated with an oxidized asphalt blend,
which provide enhanced weathering and aging characteristics. It is also often self-
adhered to the roofing substrate. The cap sheet is either torched down, cold
adhered, or self-adhered (Modified bitumen can also be applied in hot asphalt).
This system must be installed over an acceptable roof deck, roof insulation, or
other suitable substrate.

The application of Mod Bit Base Sheet is designed for the use of cold process adhesive, hot asphalt, or propane torch. This roofing base sheet is more on a waterproofing layer on a multilayer roofing system, making it a waterproofing base sheet for roof decks or roof insulation.

Mod Bit Cap Sheet

SA-SBS Cap Sheet membranes are specially designed for applications where the use of hot asphalt, cold process adhesive, or a propane torch is undesirable. This system must be installed over an acceptable base sheet, roof insulation, or other suitable substrate. It is available in multiple colors to match popular shingles.

The roofing felt has two layers, the cap sheet being the top layer. Cap sheet is known to be one of the most important components of a structure because it gives comfort and protection through its layers of hot asphalt and mineral surface. It also provides a watertight surface.
Mod Bit Cap Sheet is more on the Earth tones such as gray, brown, or white since it has mineral coating.

The light-colored surface of the cap sheet help reflects heat to prevent the roofing materials from absorbing heat to lower down utility costs since there will be a reduction in the need for air conditioning. Cap sheets nowadays have added rubber that serves as a cushion for increased flexibility to the roofing surface against hail and other weather disturbances.

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