Residential Roofing Clarks Summit, Pa

Whether you are still in the construction process or you are just remodeling your home’s interior, updating the roof is a good way to start. You may be overwhelmed with the roofing choices available in the market, but it will still boil down to your preference, budget, and home suitability. Clarks Summit has changing weather conditions that’s why it’s important to invest in a residential roof that would give maximum protection to your property.

Choosing the best roof is an essential home improvement that may also increase the value of your home. Learn about the different residential roofing types and know the different factors to consider before investing in one.

Types of Residential Roofing in Clarks Summit, Pa

1.   Asphalt Shingles

One of the commonly used residential roofing types in Clarks Summit, Pa is the asphalt shingles. This has been considered to be the most reliable roofing material with its practical pricing and ease of installation. No wonder it has been used in the construction industry since 1903.

Asphalt shingles have two base materials: organic and fiberglass. These materials are great heat conductors that decrease cooling costs during the summer season and are a great material to protect your home during harsh weather conditions.

2.   Slate Shingles

If you want to protect your home from fire and rot, slate shingles are the best option among the types of residential roofing because it’s made from concrete materials. This type of residential roofing has properties that can last for decades, but its downside is its installation process. To install this roofing type properly, help from an expert with experience in installing it is required. With this, it isn’t common residential roofing in Clarks Summit but is popular in the East Coast area.

3.   Wood Shakes

As the name implies, this type of residential roofing is made from split logs. If you want a distinct roof, this is a good option since each piece of shingle has varying sizes. When you think of wood, you would have a notion that it’s high maintenance. In this kind of roofing, cedarwood is used, which is known to be durable that can withstand even the harshest elements. Wood shakes roofing is suitable in areas with lots of sunlight because it can effectively keep UV rays away from your home.

4.   Metal Roofing

This type of residential roofing is an in-trend roofing type in Clarks Summit, Pa because it’s environment-friendly, low maintenance, fire and corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and a lot more. It may still be in-trend, but metal roofing started to protect homes since the ‘80s. It may have a lot of advantages, but the installation can be tricky; that’s why a roofing contractor knowledgeable about installing metal roofing is essential.

Factors in Choosing for a Residential Roofing

  • Design. There are different kinds of residential roofing with different styles and colors. In choosing residential roofing, the design is an important factor because it adds value to your home’s aesthetic.
  • Quality. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on roofing that will only last for a year or two. There are roofing that can last up to decades with proper care and maintenance. Choose the roofing that is applicable in the weather condition in your place.
  • Function. Aside from its aesthetic functionality, the roof’s primary function is to give protection against the sun, rain, and extreme temperature. It’s better to invest in the one that can able to withstand all elements.
  • Price. Residential roofs come at different prices. Some roofs are more expensive, but the quality is just the same for the mid-priced roof; that’s why research before choosing the one for your home to get the value of what you’ve paid for.

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